About Us

Our Values


Our goal is to obtain customer satisfaction through our sincerity and transparency.


We recognize our role in environmental protection and aim to reduce our negative impacts as much as possible.


At Mei Bao, we embrace innovation within the packaging sector so that we can provide the latest products to our customers. 


We pride ourselves in offering the best service possible throughout the working process. 

World-class food packaging innovator

Since Mei Bao's founding, we have explored all sorts of research, design, development, and manufacturing to create environmentally friendly food packaging that can lead our world to a healthier and more sustainable life.

An eye towards the future

Our advanced, international production base is aspiring to guide the world down a path of compostable and biodegradable materials so that one day the use of more harmful substances such plastic can be eliminated from the packaging sector.

What we can offer you

From paper bowls, straws, cups, bags, trays, plates to bagasse takeaway containers, Mei Bao can offer a large variety of eco-friendly products that can satisfy your every need through a healthy and sustainable fashion.

Safety Measures and Quality Assurance

Mei Bao targets safety when it comes to manufacturing our products. Our international production follows a strict quality management programme with regular inspections to ensure proper standards in our advanced and complete machinery and in our dust-free purification workshop. Our products are put through a variety of trials including leak tests, oil resistance tests, microwave tests, waterproof tests, and more.