• Do we have minimum order quantities?

    Minimum orders depend on the type of product, but they usually are around one 20-foot FCL.

  • Do we provide samples?

    Yes, we do provide samples for all of our products, as well as samples of customised packaging.

  • What are the shipping conditions?

    Our products are transported by land to the nearest port and from there we offer FOB.

  • Do we provide a physical calaogue?

    No, but you can visit our online catalogue here:

  • What kind of information is needed for shipping?

    We simply need your order volumes and our products will be ready for shipment.

  • Is there a typical timeline for orders?

    It depends on the type of product and order quantity. Please contact us for a more accurate timeline.

  • What size companies do we service?

    Mei Bao works with companies of all sizes around the globe.

  • Need more help?

    Please visit our contact page linked below: